Holiday Preparations At Old Tavern Farm

As the holidays are upon us the farm is decorated with festive wreaths and bows. Here's a look at some of the holiday decor.
A weanling enjoying a brisk day outside.
A horse on Old Tavern Farm
Fresh flowers and vegetables grow on the farm every year. As this year comes to a close markers a placed for next season.
Flowers planted for next season.
Wreaths are placed at the front door of the barn along with a Christmas tree. Ready to light up when the sun sets.
front view of the barn
 A view of the east barn doors.
Back door of the barn decorated
 The barn doors remain open slightly throughout the day so that the farm cat "Walter"can roam the property.
Side door of the barn
Feed buckets line the fences. 
Horse feed buckets
A group of weanlings roam the field together.
A group of horses